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Faulty, Damaged or Broken remote control ? try the repair option

Faulty, Damaged or Broken remote control ? try the repair option

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Some remotes are obsolete, discontinued,  impossible or very expensive to replace, so as long as your remote controller handset has not been totally destroyed, there is

RemoteFixer ( click link )  See Declaration below.  

who repair remotes for £20 plus return postage costs with a no risk guarantee, that if the remote is found to be beyond repair, there is no fee to pay, meaning, no fix, no fee !  

Of course you can also ask us to find a replacement too, we are happy to check for you, so now you have two possible ways solve your remote control problems.


We have no affiliation or financial benefit at all in providing the repair  recommendation for your consideration, indeed we most likely miss the chance to sell you a new part, by telling you about a repair option, but we feel it is the right thing to give you a choice.  Our business names are very similar as we are in the business of remotes.

  We do not charge for our advice, help, research, recommendations or knowledge....but if you wish to be the first reader to consider that is worth something, lets us know, we may just credit you by publishing it on this page ! 

Thank you very much.  Alan  " Remotes Master "







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